Use your WS408DT as networkprinter

Network installation SATO WS408-DT


  1. Printer configuration

Download and install WS4 Printer utility:

Shortcut on the desktop to run the Printer utility

Select input port LAN:


Select Search in the menu on the left, and click on Search:

We now know the printer Ip adress: here

Don’t know if necessary..



Then Click on Send to verify the communication: 


Select the Printer in Search menu and click on Web Control:

Then Login with : admin/admin

Disable DHCP and give a Hostname:


Set the IP:

(Use ipconfig with the command prompt on the local computer to know the Subnet Mask and the Gateway)

Click on Send to send the information to the printer.


  1. Printer installation

Download and run Bartender Seagull Driver  

Manual installation of the Printer:




By default, the Seagull driver is unpacked on the Desktop.
Go to the location where you unpacked the driver and click on Sato.inf


Select the correct printer driver ‘SATO408DT’ and click NEXT

Next window proposes by default the name ‘SATO WS408DT' and next.